Spring and winter fighting it out at Luther Marsh

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Spring and winter fighting it out at Luther Marsh

Postby kellie on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:14 am

Hello all,

Saturday was forecast to be just gorgeous (and it was!) so myself and a friend headed to Luther Marsh. I have been itching to see what it's like up there, so off we went!

Unfortunately, the trails were still quite icy and snowy in most sections. Not so good considering we both wore sneakers. :shock: However, we did rack up a total of 30 species including 9 sandhill cranes (heard many, many more calling), many tree swallows, an eastern phoebe, perhaps the last rough-legged hawks of the season, and at least two dozen great blue herons at the heron rookery. There were also a good variety of ducks, considering the marsh was still mostly iced over!

Along the bootlegger trail, we encountered two porcupines and this unfortunate soul. Not a smart move, especially with hungry sandhills around!


What did you do this past gorgeous Saturday?

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