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Not really Ontario . . .

Postby Jeffie Boy on Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:02 pm

As I sit in the Richardson Airport in Winnipeg waiting for my flight home to Cambridge I am thinking about the last four days of my business/fishing trip and the wonderful things that I saw. I don't consider myself a birder, but rather an occasional enthusiast,so I apologize for inaccuracies in advance and welcome your comments/clarification.

We have been in Steep Rock and Dauphin River and it has been a good thing that I had the iBird Canada App loaded as I was refering to it constantly. My list of sightings includes Pine Grosbeaks (9 at a time), Magpies, Ravens, Oriole (didn't get a good look, but the head didn't really look black, more orangy yellow so probably not a Baltimore Oriole, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds ( three distinct males, who knows how many females, the activity was constant in the garden at the feeder), Eastern Kingbirds (this is my eavestrough, pesky human), Purple Martins, House Martins (clothes line pipe), Sandhill Cranes, (two or three different groups with one flock of about 22-23 birds) American White Pelicans (The Manitoba Airforce), by the dozens, Terns, Gulls, GreatBlue Herons by the dozens, Bald Eagles (on the nest, many active juveniles and various flying), Golden Eagle (massive! Perched on a branch and from a distance and couldn't figure anything else that it could be). Not bad for four days and no binoculars, just keeping my head on a swivel. I am sure that there were many more that I missed, I just couldn't see them well enough from a distance and didn't recognize the songs that I was hearing. There were lots of beautiful songs.
Just another middle-aged guy who likes to stop and view the flora and fauna while driving 50km each way to work each day through the Region.
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