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Postby Larry on Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:04 pm

On June 1, 2010 eBirdr was launched by my son and I.


eBirdr is a new Web 2.0 bird guide. eBirdr combines the search ability of a Google and the focus on photography of a Flickr website, only for birders. It is a reference for all North America birds found north of Mexico. Not only does eBirdr provide an easy reference for birders to verify their identifications, it also provides an area for bird photographers to showcase their skills. Birders may submit their sightings and photographs of birds to be entered into the species Picture Gallery. If the picture is good enough it may be used in the Species Profile, as representative of this species.

eBirdr is designed to be a community to share the birding experience.

At present eBirdr simply serves as a point of reference for birds. The older guide that eBirdr evolved from, Birdstar, included features such as birding games, slideshows and a question and answer expert system for identification. The intention for eBirdr is to eventually include all these features and more. Automatic submissions for sighting and photographic contributions are also planned. And a mobile phone version will be available within a few months.

At this point, eBirdr is a fledgling site. It doesn't have all the features of other software systems. However, the site development and feature addition is ongoing and derived from a long history of electronic bird guide development. It is hoped, by the developers, that eBirdr will become a go-to site for birders across North America wishing to share their joy of birding.

When searching simply enter the common name of the bird or group of birds such Blue-winged Warbler, warblers, wrens, sparrows etc. or you can drill up or down through the classification tree provided.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Larry Bond
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